Fashion exists in a set of paradoxical conditions. It works as a set of visual signifiers to create communities, to establish who is “in style” or “on trend” and who isn’t- trends churn in and out of fashion, creating a complex, constantly changing code of dress, easily readable to establish who is “in.” Yet at the same time, it is constantly searching for individuality, with countless articles and books dedicated to the quest for “personal style,” that is, a distinct look, asserting that the wearer is unique, not one of the crowd, different. Thus, the Gucci’s appropriation of the Paris…

Joyous. Intentional.

Women’s Resilience and Agency Through Beauty

Roy Halston was the American designer who epitomized 1970s glamour fashion, and arguably represented the dichotomy between French and American fashion industries and their place in public consciousness in his elevated, minimalist yet functional and accessible ethos, as opposed to more elite and less practical French haute couture. Roy’s contemporary, Yves Saint Laurent, is a household name even for those who aren’t particularly immersed in the world of fashion. The artistry and innovation of Saint Laurent is common knowledge — his le smoking outfits, his safari dress, his Rive Gauche store. Roy Halston, working at the same time, was just…

Katherine Shark

California fibers artist, designer, and garment maker.

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